holy slacker, batman

Ok… so I’ve been busy with a small emergency at work and I haven’t been posting… or reading and commenting on blogs. How bad? I opened my reader for the first time in about four days and had over 500 posts to read. Ouch. My procrastination with the blogging world has caught up with me…


So you’ll see me again in a bit with a real post… after I dig out from under my reader!




the little spoon

So… I’ve talked a little bit about the small boy. Little Baxter. He’s a unique little guy. The vet knows him pretty well at this point and I have an entire first aid kit devoted solely to him. He’s a boy after my own heart, really… I was a huge klutz as a kid and while I have never broken a bone (knock on wood) I’ve spent my fair share of time in the emergency room and at the doctor. He’s taking after me… poor guy.

But sometimes, he’s incredibly sweet. Loving and cuddly. Endearing and well behaved. It’s a rare sight to see, but when it happens, I cherish it like it will never come back.

Early this morning (0439 to be exact) I woke up to the sound of our sprinkler system. The pump is right outside the window that’s by myside of the bed. Since it’s still insanely nice outside, we’ve been leaving the windows open at night. Being woken up by the sprinkler pump happens pretty much nightly. But this morning, I rolled over to adjust the pillows over my head to not hear the pump and I see two little eyes staring at me in the moonlight. Two little, innocent, “Mommy, can I cuddle with you?” eyes. Little man had crawled his way up between TC and I in the middle of the night and had his tiny head on the pillow that resides between us. I could have been really angry with him. He isn’t supposed to be up that far on the bed* and I knew TC wouldn’t be happy if he woke up to find a puppy on his pillow… but really? How can you say no to a sweet, furry, little boy that just wants to be near you?

I couldn’t. I wrapped my arm around him and he snuggled right down into my chest. He was the little spoon. No matter how crazy or expensive he gets, he is still one of the most expressive and affectionate creatures I’ve ever come in contact with. He’s always there no matter what my mood is and he always has a cold nose to press against my face to remind me that he loves me. When he’s sleepy, he’s always touching me in some way. When he’s excited about life, I’m the one he bounces toward. When TC’s gone, he’s my cuddle buddy. He’s also the first one to alert me that there is someone at the door and the first one to growl and defend the house. He is a handful, but he’s my little boy.

He’s my little spoon 🙂


*Yes, our dogs sleep in the bed with us. Honestly? I don’t know anything else. Allie has been sleeping in bed with me since I got her in 2004. I’m not sure this will ever change. There is something incredibly comforting about have a dog (or two) lay on me in the middle of the night.

Day twenty-seven: a picture of your handwriting

Wow, you really want a picture of my ugly handwriting? I actually had a meeting today where I had to write things down and then hand over to someone else. Ouch. I’m sure she’ll be calling me very soon and asking WTH I actually meant. Here’s the honest truth, I’m really tired tonight, and frustrated at the world (that’s a lie – just frustrated with certain childish people) so I’m going to pass on this one. Sorry, ya’ll!!

Day twenty-eight: do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?

I actually do wish at 11:11, if I see it on the clock. I don’t actually seek that time out. My wish really depends on what I’ve got going on in my life. Safety for loved ones, peace for myself, etc… general wish stuff.

Day twenty-nine: a picture of yourself

I could use a good nap in this photo. But yay for new hair color…

Day twenty-six: what are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy

  • A warm puppy who is cute and cuddly and sleepy.
  • One of TC’s sweatshirts straight from the dryer.
  • Cards/letters/video chat with my nieces.
  • Good coffee. Preferably hazelnut with cream and sugar from Dunkin Donuts.
  • The feeling of knowing I’ve done something to improve the life of my fellow man.
  • Thunderstorms.
  • The first night I spend sleeping next to TC after a deployment… AND
  • Waking up next to TC the morning after.
  • Texts/calls/emails from TC. I still get school-girl giddy when I see his name pop up on my phone.
  • Being back at my parent’s house with all of my family.
  • Love. I love love.
  • Getting good pieces of actual mail. (Not those bills… gah, I hate those)
  • Random conversations with complete strangers.
  • Having a really great hair day.
  • Did I mention the cuddly puppy?
  • And a cuddly TC?



It’s FRIDAY again! I have a confession to make though… (I started my weekend at noon on Wednesday… SHHH!!!) Ok, so only kind of. I do a lot of my work from home. I don’t have to go to the office to get stuff done and I gotta say… it’s FREAKING AMAZING. I spend a lot of my “working time” out on our back porch with a glass of wine ummm… an iced tea. Yeah, iced tea. I’m really am kidding about that. I don’t drink in the middle of the day or while I’m “on the clock.” I have done some media/marketing plan brainstorming after hours with some wine. But not during the day. Anyway. I’ve been working from home since noon on Wednesday. I’m incredibly productive when I can go at my own pace with familiar surroundings. Like TC, the dogs and this little guy:

Say hello to my little friend. But on with the post!

First up: The Fill-in. Head on over to Wife of a Sailor and link up! Word of warning. I’m in a really strange mood today and I’ve dealt with more than the normal amount of ladies wallowing in self pity about deployments… two month long deployments. So I’m slightly jaded with some of my answers. As always, take what I say with a grain of salt and some tequila.

  1. What is your must have gadget? submitted by Flying High With My Flyboy
    I cannot live without my iPhone. It is my contact book, my email client (for the five, yes 5 email accounts), my link to TC when he’s deployed and my iPod. I’m holding off on getting the 4, but my 3GS has been fantastic to me over the past year and half.
  2. How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid? submitted by L to the Third
    Ya know, I don’t remember how I imagined adulthood would be. I really have no recollection of ever thinking of adulthood when I was kid. I know that I did, because every kid does, right? Things have changed so much in my life since I was small, but I know I never thought I’d be living in paradise with a military service member. This was not something I could make up in my head.
  3. What is your favorite chocolate recipe? submitted by Our First Deployment
    You need to put chocolate in things? Isn’t it amazing just plain? I did make these around valentine’s day and they were pretty much heaven in a cookie.
  4. How do you deal with military life when it gets to be to much or to hard? submitted by Combat Boots And Pointe Shoes
    Honestly? This life isn’t THAT hard. It’s life. Sometimes life sucks and doesn’t go exactly the way I want it too, but it’s never been “Oh my gosh, please make this all stop and go away. I CAN’T HANDLE IT” hard. When things start to suck I just remember that this too shall pass, hit the gym, throw back a glass of wine and pet the dogs, uh, normally in that order. Life is what you make it and if you make so that it becomes too much or too hard… you’re DOIN’ IT WRONG! (Just kidding… kind of.) (Disclaimer, right and wrong are viscous terms and different for everyone. What I say is “right” may not be someone else’s definition of “right.” Please don’t flame me for this answer… OR the next one.)
  5. What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment? submitted by The Albrecht Squad
    Don’t see you significant other as your “everything.” He/She can be your other half, your soulmate, your one and only, but remember. You are your own person. You control your attitude and emotions. Roll with the punches. Things will change after they’ve been set in stone. Learn to embrace the suck. Laugh at situations… and yourself. Ask for help. A bottle glass of wine is a perfectly acceptable substitute for dinner some days… So is chocolate. Use the time apart to better yourself in some way. Focus on living your life the best way you can. Smile and remember: This too shall pass.

Next up: The Round Up! Head on over to join Beckie @ Turn for the Nurse

And last but not least:

Day twenty-five: would you rather date someone plain with an amazing personality or someone beautiful with a plain personality?
I don’t really have to choose because I have a hot husband with a pretty kick-booty personality. So there. Take that! 😉

AH! I’m only a day late with this one. Head on over to Goodnight Moon and link up!

I’m in a Glee mood after seeing the Original Song episode. OMG I freaking love this song. It came on my ipod while I was running the other day and I had an instant burst of energy. I was a loser in high school and I look back at the people that made me just to think, “HA, who’s the loser now?” Ok, so maybe I’m not that mean, but I do wonder how they can live in mediocrity when I live in paradise. I love my life and couldn’t even entertain the option of moving back to my podunk little hometown to live my life. So ya… anyway, on to the song!!!


Day twenty-four: seven things that cross your mind a lot

Ok, I’m going to preface this by explaining that I’ve spent a lot of time driving (A. Lot.) in the past few weeks. So… I’ve actually already thought of this. Also: Caution… this post contains expletives, enter at your own risk.

  1. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?” (I think this about numerous people/dogs/corporations/organizations at various times throughout my day.)
  2. I’m OCD when I walk, blink, drive, think, breathe… so I count. Everything. All the time. Steps? Yep, I count them. Telephone poles? Those too. Kayaks, planes, ceiling tiles, bottles of soda at the checkout counter, columns in front of the courthouse, cars parked on the street… it doesn’t really affect my daily life, so I don’t THINK it’s a huge problem, or actual OCD… but it’s pretty darn close.
  3. Finances. I know at all times how much money is in our bank accounts. All of them. I’ve already budgeted out four months of paychecks/bills and I know how much I should be getting in interest on our accounts every month. I like math. I like accounting. I’m also a worrier. Not a good combination sometimes.
  4. Things about work. I used to be in a job that sucked the soul right out of me and I would worry about work all the time. Now, I love my job and while I still worry about things, it’s a different worry; a calm worry, if you will. I love thinking of new ways to make things work because people value my ideas and want to try new things. I was hired for my forward thinking and my knowledge about marketing and advertising. I like thinking about work, but I don’t feel guilty when I turn my brain off from work and actually enjoy my life. (New concept right here.)
  5. “Wow, I live in a pretty amazing place.” Tiny frogs and lizards live on my front porch. I see the ocean every single day. I can take a kayak out on the water almost every day of the week, regardless of the time of year (thank you wetsuit!). I’m a 15 minute drive from white sandy beaches and totally unplugging from reality. I’m pretty damn lucky.
  6. “I miss <insert friend or family member name here>.” I have some pretty kick-ass, amazingly awesome, loyal friends. Both in real life and here in the blog-o-sphere. But I miss my in real life friends. A lot. I’ve made some great friends down here, don’t get me wrong… but I’ve always been geographically close to at least one really good friend that I can text at 1655 and have them meet me at bar/restaurant/house at 1715, with wine and dinner. I’m so spread out from everyone here that I have to plan 3-4 days in advance. Also, my friendships take time to blossom and grow, like flowers planted in really shitty soil. They take nurturing and love, time and a few seasons to really prosper. (P.S. Secret blog message: Balls. Just… Balls.) So yeah, the thought that, “hey, I really miss someone right now,” goes through my head quite a bit.
  7. The dogs. It’s not really a secret that my dogs are like my children. (Yes… I’m “that girl.”) They are amazing little creatures and I love them to death. When I’m away from them, I think of them almost all the time and when I’m with them, I have one touching me at all times. Not kidding.  I have one sitting next to me, or following me around waiting for me to sit down. It’s humorous really. But I do love them more than I like most people.

Well then, a 30 day challenge post on the day it’s supposed to be posted… miracle? Or my day off?