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Those are some of the most therapeutic words I have in my vocabulary. I can go anywhere. I can see anything. I can let my mind wander into places it wouldn’t otherwise go if my feet weren’t continually pounding pavement, sand and gravel. (In my case anyway, there is always lots and lots of sand.) No one can reach me as I turn my phone onto airplane mode and I get to listen to whatever I want. I don’t care who sees  me, or for the most part, what I look like. It’s a time just for me. My. Time. My. Run.

This was not always the case. In high school, I ran track and cross country and I loved it. I had those same feelings that I do about running as I do today. Then I went to college and finding boys to hang out with, studying and ahem… partying, took precedence over running. It slipped away and I started to see a daily run as a burden on my life. It took away my precious time that I had to devote to someone or something else. I let it go.

But recently, as events are happening in my life that I have no control over, I’ve fallen back into the daily run. My stride is back. It’s a wonderful feeling. I wake up in the morning again and plan out my day in my head just so that I can rearrange things to fit in even a 15 minute run. It’s so liberating.

I’m also back into hot yoga. If you haven’t tried hot yoga yet, find a studio near you that does it and go to a class. You’ll sweat your booty off, but after about 15 minutes of rest after the class, you will feel amazing.


All I’m saying is that getting out and doing something, anything to take your mind off of daily life makes for an amazing therapy. Something that thousands of dollars spent on talking to someone for an hour a week won’t be able to provide to you. You’ll feel better. (Chances are you’ll tone up and lose some weight too! BONUS!) And you’ll be a happier person. Go. Get moving. Go for a run. 😉


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That’s right, I’m down another two pounds. Please don’t be alarmed by the screaming and bursts of incredible joy. I also started a few new programs and picked up some older ones I’ve let slide.

The new programs include the two hundred sit-ups challenge and the hundred push ups challenge. My initial test was a little shocking. I’m no where near where I thought I was, fitness-wise and I have a long way to go to make it to the goals I’ve set for myself. *Sigh* I’m making effort though, and that’s what really counts.

I’ve also started in with the Couch to 5k program again. I’ve done it in the past and had pretty decent results with it so I’m trying it again. It’s great because I don’t have a ton of time to devote to my running right now and I have to have something to motivate me to get out a run. I downloaded an app on my phone that prompts me to switch from walking to running and tells me my speed, distance, etc.  Since it’s worked in the past, I’m putting a little bit of faith into it now. I really just need something to get my lazy butt out there.

I’ve debated about joining a gym. I had one at our old station due to the fact that the weather was a little… unpredictable and quite frankly, getting out to run in 12º weather wasn’t really my cup-o-tea, so I went to the gym, pounded out a few miles on the treadmill and called it a day. Since it’s so warm here during the “winter,” I don’t think I can justify a gym membership (also my current lack of employment and positive cash flow…) So, running it is! The puppy enjoys the running as well, he gets so excited to see the harness come out and when I put on my running shoes. He also sleeps really well when we’re done, so that’s positive as well.

I’m off to start my day and break through my to-do list (it’s really long and includes a phone call AND trip to talk to TriCare.) Wish me luck!

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For being in a floodplain and a hurricane zone, the water control here is pretty awful. It’s been raining all day. Thunderstorms have popped up and look like they will continue to do so for most of the night. Not bad, really. I like a good thunderstorm and there is something soothing about being snuggled under a fleece blanket with a cute puppy (or two) listening to the rain. But this rain/thunderstorm/awful water control issue is hindering my workout. I haven’t joined a gym yet as I can’t find one that I really like, so I’ve been running and doing speed work in our neighborhood. Since TC got me a pretty kick-booty Goretex rain jacket for Christmas and some amazing water wicking base layer items, I thought I’d try them out when the rain let up to a sprinkle today. While this sounded like a great idea in my head, I soon realized that I was horribly, horribly wrong.

I found out today that our neighborhood floods. Big. Time. I turned around five separate times simply because there was no way I could run around the water covering not only the road, but also the sidewalks. No bueno. Also: I’m kind of a huge wuss and hate to have soaking wet feet.

I also found out today that the dogs are not a huge fan of the backyard when it rains heavily. Neither am I now that I think about it. Since we’re so close to the shore, our backyard is mainly sand. Some places have weeds grass that grows and that’s where they hang out when it’s dry, but when it’s soaking wet? They sink into the sand and it freaks them out. Again, No bueno.

In other health news. I’m finally not using tissues throughout the day! Whoever is in charge of the faucet of my nose has FINALLY decided to turn it off! My poor little red nose is so thankful. I am also down another two pounds! Well… down from where I was last week at this time. I, um.. might have… well… gained just a little… (almost five pounds to be exact) of weight over the holidays. Not amazing, but fixable. As I am writing this, I’m eating dinner… a fruit salad with these crackers and a big glass of water with fresh lemon and lime. Sometimes this whole healthy eating thing isn’t so bad. 

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There is something very… healing… to me about being out on the ocean. It’s almost like that water takes my doubt, worry and sluggishness and washes it away with the outgoing tide. I’ve been a little reluctant to go kayaking with TC as of late, mainly due to the fact that it’s 50ºF and getting out on the water hasn’t been a huge “need” of mine. He fixed it – he bought me cold weather gear (lots of it actually.) I went out today and it was amazing, simply amazing. I’ve been stressing out about the whole not having a job thing and being out on the water, even though it was choppy, was a cleansing experience for me. I had water crashing over (and sometimes into) the boat. I got salty. I got wet. I got in a pretty good workout. I still smell salt in the air and I can taste it when I lick my lips. We’re going out again tomorrow and I just can’t wait. I really can’t wait for it to get warm again so I can head out first thing in the morning. There is something so peaceful about being out on the water before half the population is even out of bed.

This brings me to another subject: my current fitness level. It’s not where I want and need it to be to be happy and healthy. Today proved that while I was trying to paddle against the current and also keep the boat upright. I love being in shape and I’ve not been doing a good job of that lately. Not awesome since I’m currently working toward my personal trainer certification (also group fitness… but more on that in another post.) If I’m going to work with people to not only GET motivated to be in the best shape they can be in but to also STAY motivated to stay in amazing shape, then I need to step up my game on a personal level. RIGHT NOW. THIS HAPPENS NOW. I’ve got another 15 lbs to go until I’m at my ideal weight but that will mean nothing if I can’t keep up with my future clients. Tomorrow starts a new day and a new way of looking at this whole fitness thing. I’m motivated and I can attribute that to the ocean. It’s renewed my love for fitness and reminded me why I want to be a personal trainer. I want to help people have this feeling of excitement about living the healthiest and fittest life they can.

A plus to this whole kayaking thing? I have a bridesmaid’s dress to fit into in a few months (not an ugly one… but one that cost me $35 and I WILL wear again –  I’m having hard time NOT wearing it now actually!!!) and my arms and back will look amazing in it. Amazing. Drop dead gorgeous actually.

I’m excited to build on this newly found motivation and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you 🙂

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This is Eliza.

She’s amazing.

She’s gorgeous.

She’s fast.

She’s easy to maneuver in relatively rough water.

She takes good care of me and doesn’t dump me in the water.

Her cockpit is small enough that the husband can’t steal her from me 😉

I’m in love and I can’t wait for warm weather….

or for my drysuit to get here.


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