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Wanna go on a little trip with me?! Yes?! Good!!

Sadly, it’s a short trip, as I am currently sitting in the Memphis airport with NO FREE WIFI! That’s a huge fail in my books, Memphis. And I’m really disappointed. Lack of wifi = me blogging from my phone (lame) = not being able to link to my guest post with Jenn over at Preparing to Surface!!

What’s this? You don’t follow her? Shame. On. You. http://fletcherswife.blogspot.com/

She is insightful and witty and just an all around good read. So, while you’re checking out my guest post, stick around and read some of her past posts. There are also some pretty awesome guest posters there as well.

What are you waiting for? Go! Read! Enjoy the world that is her blog!!

(I’ll be over ———> here, waiting to take off and stewing over the fact that I have no free wifi. Humpf)


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So… I’m going to violate PERSEC for a minute: I’m going back to Kansas for a few days next week. I know, I know… I’m not supposed to say where I’m going, that I’m leaving, blah, blah, blah…

Honestly? Kansas is a pretty big state and if you REALLY wanna know EXACTLY where I am, I’m sure you can find that out just fine without me mentioning it on my blog. BFD.

But anyway… I want to express how deeply excited I am to be going. Off the wall, can’t sleep already, excited. I’m going to see some of the people who helped me through deployments, life and the like. People who confided in me when they didn’t have to. People who are a huge part of my life and who I miss terribly. AND… ONE MY BEST FRIENDS IS GETTING MARRIED!!! AHHH!!! I am so excited to be a part of her big day!

Also… I get to spend about three days with my familia. They are amazing and I am glad I am getting to sneak in a little family time while back in the land of OZ.

Some really neat things I’m looking forward to? (In no particular order)

  • Taking pictures with my camera. Of: The wedding, friends, debauchery that I’m sure will take place. Family!! Those two little girls that I adore so much? They will be SICK of picture taking by the time I leave. AND: Kansas. I really do think that place is beautiful (You can call me crazy and think I’ve lost it… I haven’t. I think lots of places are beautiful that others don’t. It’s called being optimistic and not shitting on everything folks. Try it. It’s fun.)
  • Spending time with my Daddy. I’m a daddy’s girl to the core and since he retired… he has free time to spend with his one and only daughter.
  • My Mama. She’s awesome and she likes wine. I think that’s all that needs to be said.
  • My nieces. They are so cute and growing SO FAST! I can’t wait to make them hug me until they can’t feel their arms anymore.
  • Allergies… In Kansas. Ok… now I have allergies. They weren’t THAT bad in Kansas, but here? OMG they make me want to scratch my eyes out with forks. I love spring, but hate allergies. I’ll be glad to not have to deal with them in their current intensity for a bit.
  • My friends. Confession: I have more civilian friends than I do mil-spouse friends in real life. While they couldn’t ever say “I know exactly what you’re going though.” They were always there with wine and dinner/chocolate/date time. I could escape the military life when it sucked the most and be a civilian again without having them pressure me to talk about TC and his job. (Ever notice how when military wives get together the topic almost ALWAYS goes to military? What is with that?!) It was nice to be “normal” and not worry about the Air Force. Their friendship was invaluable to me and I CANNOT wait to see them again.
  • The wedding!!! Have I mentioned that my BFF is getting married?!?! She is! To an amazing man that’s taking her to live in Hawaii. (Tough life, huh…) But she’s gorgeous inside and out and I could  not be happier for her. Oh… and… my bridesmaid dress? It freaking rocks my socks off:

image from target.com

I know – it’s amazing. Be jealous. I also have a new dress to wear to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner:

Luxe Jersey Crossover Knit Dress
Image from anntaylorloft.com
To say that I’m excited might actually be an understatement.
One more thing to be excited about? I love to fly and to travel. I don’t know exactly what it is that I love so much, but I get crazy, super psyched about it. It will be a good trip… it just needs to get here already!

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Day five: Five place you want to visit

1. Hawaii – but mainly to visit my good friend who is stationed there. Tough life, huh?

stock image

2. Vietnam – There is such rich history here, not just the war, but other great sites to see.

not my image

3. Japan – I love the culture and the simplicity of their style. Most of the stuff in our house has a Japanese theme to it.

not my image

4. Italy – But not the populated parts of Italy. The countryside… you know, with the wineries and great local culture? Did I mention the wineries?

not my image

5. Croatia – Ok, so I saw this post from Uncorked and Unwined back in November and I have been longing to go here ever since. Sidenote: There is a month long (I think) Kayak tour through Croatia that I MIGHT be obsessing about right now. I almost have TC talked into it.

not my photo

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First of all – Merry Christmas! I hope you got to spend some time with your loved ones and significant others. If you didn’t get that special time with them, I hope you were able to reach out to them to let them know they were missed and loved by all. TC and I have shared many Christmases apart (all but one, actually) so I know how hard it is to be without them on such a celebrated day. My thoughts are with you.

Second – I learned a very valuable lesson this week. TC left to go be with his family on Christmas, (a sore subject with us… but I can’t be “that” wife and say, no, you can’t go be with the family you only see twice a year – maybe more on that in a later post) and I was planning on driving back to my parents (about 18 hours) on Thursday with the dogs. I had a sinus infection but the base doc couldn’t see me again until next Wednesday I just let it ride itself out with the meds I already had.

Protip #1: Don’t let these things “ride themselves out.” It will get worse.

By Thursday, my temperature had been over 100 for four days and I decided I needed to go to urgent care to get this taken care of. Turns out, I had bronchitis and it was rapidly turning into pneumonia. One banana bag of rehydrating fluid and a steroid shot later they decided that I might need to be admitted to the hospital. It didn’t come down to that, but I did worry a little about what I would do if I was in an actual emergency without TC here. We’ve made friends but no one yet that I’d feel comfortable with sending to my house to take care of the dogs, or taking me to the ER if needed.

Protip #2: Emergency contacts are no good when those people are thousands of miles away.

Good news though, I’m getting better. I don’t feel like dying and my temp dropped below 100 for the first time since Monday. I’m focusing on things again and I’ve stopped feeling like someone is sitting on my chest. YAY! I might actually be able to get out of the house tomorrow! It’s been tough spending the holiday that I love so much with just my dogs. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty amazing and I love them dearly… but it’s hard to not be with my family, or TC.

Always remember that no matter where you live, it’s important to know SOMEONE that can help in an emergency. My goal when I’m better is to make sure I have those people (and to know that they are in town during holidays.)

Here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

<3, Meg

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I’m comin’ home
Made up my mind that’s what I’m gonna do
Can’t love nobody on the telephone
I’m comin’ home to you

I’m feelin’ better since I got your card
I read it over and over when the road gets hard
Ain’t nothin’ better than your own backyard
I’m comin’ home to you.

“I’m Comin’ Home” by Robert Earl Keen

If you don’t know that song, I highly recommend you go here and take a look. It’s a really great song for anyone who has ever had a spouse deploy, go TDY or even spend a night working while you’ve sat at home, waiting for him or her to return.

This song has been on my iPod (and before that on a CD in my car – yeah… remember THAT time in life? When we didn’t have mp3 players?!) for many, many years. I’ve used to skip over this song for one reason or another. It’s too slow. It’s too mushy. I don’t really feel like listening to it right now. My brother was in a band that played this type of music and he would play me this song. I loved to listen to it when he played it. Right after TC and I met, he deployed for what I thought would be a standard two-month deployment. I made him a CD of music I loved so he would have a little bit of me while he was away. This was one of the songs I placed on that CD.

It wasn’t a bad deployment. I didn’t talk to him as much as I would have liked, we didn’t have Skype then. And right around Christmas, I lost all communication with him. For a week and a half. I thought he was just caught up working and the times he wanted to call, he couldn’t because the lines for the phones were too long. It was around the holidays and he was over there with people who had kids, wives and parents who needed to hear from their loved ones more that I needed to hear from TC. But by New Year’s Eve, I was worried. Really worried. I finally heard from him about a week later when he was on his way home. Evidently his crew had the opportunity to come home 24Dec and he didn’t tell me. On their stop in Europe, they ran into a broken plane that was also on its way home.  These guys had been overseas and away from loved ones for four months. They were supposed to get home in time for Christmas, but with the broken plane, it would set them back until after New Years. TC was commanding officer on his crew. He gave up his healthy plane so the other crew could get home to their families for Christmas.

Although he intended on coming home without my knowledge and driving out to my parent’s house to surprise me for Christmas… that didn’t happen.

I was fine with it. It’s part of being a spouse. Communication can be limited. Surprises can be spoiled and disrupted. Plans and promises can be broken. It’s part of the life and I was fine with it.

After he finally arrived home, I decided to go over to his house and cook for him. As I stood at the stove and sautéed some onions he put on the CD I made for him. During this Robert Earl Keen song, he put his arms around me and told me that he would listen to this song every time he thought he was coming home (evidently they teased him and in the course of a week and half, they told him he was coming home and then told him he wasn’t about 14 times.) He told me that he knew I was the only girl for him the first time he heard this song and he will always listen to this song when he’s coming home to me.  We danced to this song at our reception. It was perfect. It was beautiful. It was the one of the most beautiful and memorable moments in my life.

I found it fitting to listen to this song this morning, as I got ready to head back to TC and Florida. No matter where we are and no matter what we are doing, we have this special little thing to connect us. I listen to it when he’s coming back from deployment and I know that he’s listening to it today as well. It’s our song and I love having this connection to him.

What to you do to connect to your spouse when he or she is away? What do you use to make sure that special bond between you is never broken?

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My parent’s are NOT very good at them. At. All. This means that today, when my Dad had to leave for some training in another city and be gone until Thursday, his goodbye was awkward. It always is. I am his little girl and I’ve never lived more than four hours away from him. I don’t know when I’ll be back at my parent’s house. It was a hard goodbye.

Tomorrow won’t be any easier, my Mom is probably the worst goodbye person I’ve met (short of my Mother-In-Law). I hate goodbyes with my parents, it always makes me feel so guilty for leaving. It will be good to be home, but I wish I didn’t feel so, so, so guilty.

I’m much better at saying goodbye to TC for a deployment. It’s always quick, easy and painless. Like ripping a band-aid off. Why can’t my parents do that too!?!

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And that reason is the fact that I am a planner. I plan everything when it comes to traveling. If we have a 3 hour lay over while flying, I’ve already planned out where the best place to grab a beer would be in the terminal. If we’re headed to a new city, I’ve already researched public transportation, things to do and see, where to stay, etc. I don’t schedule every minute of our trip, I just research and provide lots of options. I think it’s fun to plan out trips and such. (Maybe I need to be a travel agent?!?)

But TC is nothing like this. For example: I’m sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight that takes off in… FIVE HOURS. Why? Because TC was my ride to the airport and he had to be at work at 0730. That’s fine, except the airport is 45 minutes from our house and another hour and a half back to his work. Ugh. But, this airport has free wi-fi (Thank you technology…) and a decent little cafe to grab some coffee and catch up on blogs that I haven’t had time to read. Oh and study… that studying thing has me thrown these days. It’s taking all of my willpower to get it done. I’m sure it will pass, but gah! I’m just ready to be done with it.

In other news, I’ll be in my hometown and with my side of the family later on today and that makes me happy. Neither one of my parents (or my big brother, actually) have handled this move very well. I”m sure they’ll get used to me being more than four hours away, but right now, they’re all kind of freaking out about it.

My genius idea of traveling on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday of this week was shared by most of Florida, evidently. The people watching is prime though. So I’m sure that will keep me entertained for a good while.

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