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I’ve found that there are times in your life that just hurt. Emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically just… hurt. Some of the more painful ones that stick out in my life are as follows:

– Losing my grandmother, twice. She had pretty severe dementia so I lost her mentally when I was about 13 and physically when I was about 16. It hurt. A lot. That woman was as much a part of my upbringing as my own mother.

– The first time I got my time of the month. Ouch. Physically… ouch. I’m going to just leave that one sit here.

– Breaking up with the first boy I ever “loved.” I won’t lie. I still love the boy… but I love the 18 year old version of him. Not the 29 year old version of him. We’re still friends, but it hurt very much to let him go 10 years ago.

– My first ever (and last!) “F” in a class. I’m still very embarrassed by this one, so we’re going to strike this through and not talk about it again… ok? Thanks 🙂

– Watching my brother get married. Wow, that one was way harder than I actually thought it would be. I love my SIL, and while I knew I was gaining a sister, I was also losing my brother. He was and still is a huge part of my life and watching him take care of another girl was tough. (It still creeps me out to see them kiss… ewww…)

– Losing my best friend and mentor to a drunk driver. I can forgive, but I’ll never, EVER forget. (I still love you, Paige!)

– TC and I’s first deployment. It’s hard to love someone so far away with so little communication when you’re not used to it. It’s also easy to love someone who makes you the happiest you’ve ever been in your life and who continues day in and day out to show that he still cares. But some of those nights got really, REALLY lonely.

I recently encountered one more growing pain that’s been tugging at me quite a bit lately. My nieces miss me. More than I really thought they would. For Christmas, I bought my brother and SIL a webcam so we could skype. The girls LOVE this. My SIL loves it because she can now bribe the girls to do their chores or they won’t get to talk. The other night, we skyped and the girls both broke out in tears. They missed me. They missed me coming to see them cheer and tumble at the high school basketball games (they are 11 and 6 by the way… not high schoolers), they missed the dogs coming to play with them, they missed stopping by my house (cause I always had candy and new toys for them to play with.) It’s really hard to watch these two girls that I love so dearly hurt because I’m so far away. I know that one day, they’ll get it, they’ll understand, but right now it hurts.

Maybe a trip to Disney would make them feel better?! Maybe a trip to Disney with them will make me feel better!

Growing pains suck though, and I’m not a fan.

What life lessons have you learned along the way? What are your “growing pains” moments?


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Oh Murphy’s law. I dislike you a great deal. First of all: I am 100% fine. No injuries, just  bruised ego and that humiliated feeling you get when you KNOW you’ve screwed up but there is nothing you can do about it.

It rained here last night. Big time rain. Sheets of rain that made it impossible to see. Following my NEW BOSS through the campus of the college we were headed to for a presentation… I don’t see her stop and rear-ended her. Did I mention that we’re 20 minutes late and we have NO clue where exactly we’re going? Yes. Awesome-sauce.

So… we keep going. She’s fine. I’m fine. Everyone is fine. Both cars are drivable. Also, it’s my first day (kind of) at the new job. Yikes.

TC worked until super late last night and didn’t get to talk about this much last night. He’s angry. I’m angry and frustrated and mortified. I just wanna crawl into a hole and live there for a few weeks until everything is fixed. 😦 UGH!

While I know this could be a thousand times worse than it really is, I still think it’s pretty crappy right now. Our insurance rates will go up (again, they already went up simply because we moved here) and it will be a mark on my driving record. Hey Murphy… we’re not friends buddy!!

It’s inevitable that something will go wrong the first day/week at a new job. What’s happened to you? What mortifying stories do you have? Please share! Please, please, PLEASE make me feel better!!!

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First of all – Merry Christmas! I hope you got to spend some time with your loved ones and significant others. If you didn’t get that special time with them, I hope you were able to reach out to them to let them know they were missed and loved by all. TC and I have shared many Christmases apart (all but one, actually) so I know how hard it is to be without them on such a celebrated day. My thoughts are with you.

Second – I learned a very valuable lesson this week. TC left to go be with his family on Christmas, (a sore subject with us… but I can’t be “that” wife and say, no, you can’t go be with the family you only see twice a year – maybe more on that in a later post) and I was planning on driving back to my parents (about 18 hours) on Thursday with the dogs. I had a sinus infection but the base doc couldn’t see me again until next Wednesday I just let it ride itself out with the meds I already had.

Protip #1: Don’t let these things “ride themselves out.” It will get worse.

By Thursday, my temperature had been over 100 for four days and I decided I needed to go to urgent care to get this taken care of. Turns out, I had bronchitis and it was rapidly turning into pneumonia. One banana bag of rehydrating fluid and a steroid shot later they decided that I might need to be admitted to the hospital. It didn’t come down to that, but I did worry a little about what I would do if I was in an actual emergency without TC here. We’ve made friends but no one yet that I’d feel comfortable with sending to my house to take care of the dogs, or taking me to the ER if needed.

Protip #2: Emergency contacts are no good when those people are thousands of miles away.

Good news though, I’m getting better. I don’t feel like dying and my temp dropped below 100 for the first time since Monday. I’m focusing on things again and I’ve stopped feeling like someone is sitting on my chest. YAY! I might actually be able to get out of the house tomorrow! It’s been tough spending the holiday that I love so much with just my dogs. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty amazing and I love them dearly… but it’s hard to not be with my family, or TC.

Always remember that no matter where you live, it’s important to know SOMEONE that can help in an emergency. My goal when I’m better is to make sure I have those people (and to know that they are in town during holidays.)

Here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

<3, Meg

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I fought it so long. I thought I’d beaten it. But then… it snuck up on me and hit me hard. Like a big rock to the head.

I’m not 100% yet, but I’m up and functioning, which is an improvement over the past few days. The doc is unsure what I have but the arsenal of medicine they put me on is starting to work (hopefully).

I’m headed back to bed to whip this sickness in the butt. I’ll be back in awhile to fill your day with my ramblings 🙂

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My parent’s are NOT very good at them. At. All. This means that today, when my Dad had to leave for some training in another city and be gone until Thursday, his goodbye was awkward. It always is. I am his little girl and I’ve never lived more than four hours away from him. I don’t know when I’ll be back at my parent’s house. It was a hard goodbye.

Tomorrow won’t be any easier, my Mom is probably the worst goodbye person I’ve met (short of my Mother-In-Law). I hate goodbyes with my parents, it always makes me feel so guilty for leaving. It will be good to be home, but I wish I didn’t feel so, so, so guilty.

I’m much better at saying goodbye to TC for a deployment. It’s always quick, easy and painless. Like ripping a band-aid off. Why can’t my parents do that too!?!

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It’s been rainy here for the past 24 hours, which has been nice, but a little strange. Ever since the time change, the sun has been setting at about 1700 and with the rainy day… it got dark at 1600 last night. This isn’t a bad thing. I went to bed at about 2030 and got up this morning at 0500. Productivity before noon? I didn’t even know that was possible!!!

In other news, for those of you not following along at home: We didn’t get cable when we moved into the new house. Overall, it’s been ok. I do miss it sometimes. Like tonight, when all of my friends will be watching Glee. I have to wait until tomorrow when I can stream it via hulu. I did find espn3.com. If you don’t know, it streams live sporting events. Read: Oklahoma State Football… in the heart of Bama and Gator country. I’m thrilled by this little turn of events. And the win against Texas on Saturday was magnificent. Sadly, I think Saturday’s game against KU will not be televised via this wonderful website. I’ll be back in Cowboy country for the OU game though, and that’s the one that really counts.

I’m still mourning the loss of live Glee… and 30 Rock…

and The Office.

But really, this getting dark at 1600 thing is killing me.

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I first have to make a HUGE apology to anyone that commented on my blog the past few days. I’ve been trying to get back to everyone but I’m failing… big time. So I’m SO SORRY to you guys who showed my blog some love and I’ll get back to you. Also, I need to say that I’m sorry for not getting to the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In participants yesterday! It’s on my list of things to do today, along with updating this thing and making live the pages I’ve had sitting dormant on my desktop. It will happen today.

So, Neglect. I’ve been neglecting my 101 in 1001. I’ve been doing things, but not blogging about it. But that stops today. I’m not opening any boxes today or unpacking any of our stuff. Today will involve cooking and TAKING PICTURES of my cooking for the blog… ’cause I’m horrible at the picture thing, and blogging. I hope to be done by this evening so I can spend some quality time with TC while he’s still here.

But the neglect stops today! 🙂

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