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sweet allie

I write quite a bit about the little guy, Baxter. He’s a good subject because he’s always into something and bouncing around like I’ve slipped him some crack (I haven’t, I promise). But Allie, sweet Allie, is my special little girl. I don’t talk about her a lot simply because she’s a really good dog. She hardly ever gets into trouble, she cuddles whenever you want her too, she’s great with kids, she’s great with other dogs, she likes car rides…  and so on and so on. She’s a great dog.

I’ve had Allie since December 2004, about a year and half before TC and I met.  I was walking out of a store in my college town and saw black lab puppies for sale. I walked over, intending to only PLAY with them for a short time. My sweet girl was the last female and the old farmer selling the puppies said that no one wanted her because she was so quiet and calm and also the runt. They wanted puppies that played and were bouncing around. I picked up this little girl and flipped her over on her back. Her little eyes met mine, she placed her little paw on my cheek, and my heart sank. (To this day she will hold eye contact with you, unlike any other dog I’ve seen. It’s like she’s staring straight into and connecting with your soul.) I wanted her so badly. But I was in college! I lived in an apartment! I didn’t need a dog! Especially not a dog that would grow up to be a BIG dog!

But I couldn’t help myself and 20 minutes later, I was driving home with a five pound, six week old puppy. She nuzzled my neck and perched on my shoulder  the whole ride home. She curled up into a little ball of dog on my lap the second we got up to my apartment. She knew the exact look or touch to give me to make me feel better when I was sick or down. She knew (and still knows) the exact spot to cuddle in the middle of a cold winter’s night to warm me (and herself, I’m sure). She was completely potty trained within two days. We were instant soul mates.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t always such a perfect dog. She was a chewer. No matter how many toys and treats I gave her, she seemed far more interested in destroying my couch, or the box springs on my bed, or my desk chair. She even ate an entire bottle of baby oil.

We’ve put those days behind us, and now, she’s an amazing creature. So intuitive and gentle. Her heart is still broken whenever TC brings out the “deployment bag” he uses to pack for all of his deployments. She has been known to climb into the bag as if to say, “Please don’t go… but if you have to go, please take me!” Her loyalty knows no limits. She’ll let you know if you’re not welcome at the house and has scared many a salesmen off of our front porch. Her bark is ferocious and her love will melt you. She always knows the boundaries on licking and jumping up.

She is a loyal companion.

She’s my sweet girl, Allie.


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Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. The temperature is just right most of the time, there is a change in the air that you can experience with every one of your senses, and there seems to be so much excitement going on around you that you can’t help but feel alive and rejuvenated.

I’m lucky enough to be in a climate that keeps winter to a minimum, and while I know that summer will be a bitch, spring is here in all its glory! While the rest of the nation seems to be buried in a deep snow or stuck trudging through the tundra, I’m running on the beach…


And exploring parts of our neighborhood…


And making new friends…


But with all of this growth and life that comes with spring, there also comes birds. We have a poop-ton of birds! And they sing ALL THE TIME. I woke up at 2 a.m. last night to shut the windows in our bedroom because the birds were STILL singing! What the heck?! Don’t these creatures need sleep? Don’t get me wrong, I love waking up to them, just not at 2 in the morning.  They even sing while it’s raining. What is wrong with these crazy birds?


To make it creepier? I can’t see them. I have no idea where in my backyard they reside. Scary, phantom birds. They freak me out. I’m beginning to feel like I’m in a Hitchcock movie…


Why are the birds suddenly out in full force? It’s like they all woke up one morning and said “Hey, let’s go sing today! And not stop until we DIE!!” Will they continue to haunt my nighttime throughout the entire length of summer?! That just won’t do… not at all.


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Oh Baxter…

My little man. He’s a special little boy. If you haven’t read this little gem… Go there and read it. All of it. Then come back, recollect yourself and read the rest of my story.

The “helper dog” in our situation is Allie. Sweet Allie. I love her. She’s smart and laid back and just an all around good dog. The “simple dog” in our situation is Baxter. Sweet, little, special Baxter. Almost everything in that blog post you read (you did go read it, right?) reflects how our dogs interact with each other. The part about the simple dog making magical food? Yep, that’s correct in our situation too. The high pitched whining and the helper dog flopping herself all over the floor showing her annoyance with the entire situation?? Yep that too.

So this morning; I get up, make TC breakfast and coffee, let the dogs out and sat down at the bar with my tea to begin my day. I let the dogs in and notice that the little boy is licking his paw and it looks like it’s bleeding. Awesome. After further inspection, his claw is hanging on by a thread and a few moments later, falls off completely. Ok. The vet we were recommended? Does only surgeries on Wednesdays, but they can get me in on Friday. My puppy is bleeding out on my kitchen floor and I’m supposed to just dip it in cornstarch and wait until Friday to get it checked out. ‘Cause that’s exactly what I want to do…

Another vet got us in about an hour later. However, the spastic little puppy that was bouncing around started to realize that something was very, very wrong and started to let out piercing, high-pitched squeals and shaking uncontrollably while limping around the kitchen and leaving trails of blood streaming behind him… only to circle back around a lick said blood off of the floor. After about five minutes of this, he moved to licking the injured paw and squealing in pain after the tongue touched the exposed nail bed, but he didn’t get that if he STOPPED licking it, it will, more than likely, stop hurting. He’s a special, special boy.

Now, our special little boy gets INCREDIBLY carsick. Normally, I’d dope him up with dramamine to get through the car ride, but I couldn’t get him to get into his harness, let alone get him to actually take a pill. In all the excitement, he did manage to enjoy the car ride… throwing up twice on the way to the vet’s office and barking at cars we passed. The vet got him all bandaged up and gave us antibiotics to prevent infection.

Two more times throwing up in the car on the way home led to him stepping in his own vomit before I could get it cleaned up and in turn I had to re-bandage the paw when we returned home. He’s now limping around like he’s been beaten within an inch of his life and not leaving my side. He’s such a special little boy.

So. So. Special.

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With the dawning of a new year, thousands of people also start new projects. While I’m not the resolutions type of person, as mentioned in the earlier post, I am a project person. (Please see my 101 in 1001.) Since TC got me my nice new camera, who has been named Simon*, I’ve decided to embark on a new journey to improve my photography and to also document our lives here through photos. I’m sure most of you know what the Project 365 is, and even though it’s taken a few different forms, the basic premise of it is this: Take one picture and post it every day. I’ve done this when I was younger by writing something everyday. It was fun. It was hard. It was the best thing I’ve done to improve my writing. Maybe I need to add stories to my pictures too. Improve my writing and my photography at once! That might be a little too much improvement for one year. We’ll see.

So here are my first three pictures of this project and of this year. I hope you enjoy!






*I name objects. Please don’t hate. For example, my car is named Jackson.

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Hello, good morning and Happy New Year!!! I know this is where I’m supposed to write all about how I’m going to change my life for the better and hold to the resolutions thing… but I’m not really a resolutions type person. I’ve been plugging away at my 101 in 1001 list and I think that will work for any resolutions people think I should be making for the next two years or so. Alas, you won’t see any New Year’s resolutions from me.

In other news. I received my first Christmas present yesterday! TC felt pretty awful about leaving me alone on Christmas and the fact that I’m having such a hard time finding work down here so he decided the best present to lift my spirits (and possibly set me on a track to work for myself) would be to get me a camera. A nice camera.

Isn’t he pretty? I still have not named him, but I think we need to get a little better acquainted before I go picking out names. I think my obsession with him is borderline unhealthy. Too bad it’s so stormy here today, I’d love to get some pictures of the ocean and some of the dogs at the park.

Little man likes it already!

Also: I’ve finished my 50 questions that will free your mind, but I haven’t posted the last 20 questions for a reason. Some of them were a little more personal than I was expecting and, while I love you all dearly, I just don’t share certain aspects of my life that some of those questions touched on. I’m still debating about posting them. Sorry 😦

I’m off to play with my new camera a little more. Seriously folks, addicted. I might need an intervention.

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