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Finding my niche

I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA for while now. I’ve had some health things going on and, while I’m not ready to share that aspect of my life just yet, I’m sorry that I’ve been reclusive and distant. I’m working very hard to fix it! But I do have some exciting things happening!

It’s funny how things always look differently when you’re removed from a situation for awhile. I LOVED our last station. Absolutely loved it. Some of my best friends live there and I had some of the best times of my life in that city. I met my husband there. I was married there. I graduated college and started my “career” there. But looking back at my time there, I’m starting to realize that I never really found my “niche.” I worked because it was expected and I needed the money. I didn’t feel like my heart was in it and I was never excited to go to work. I could fake it pretty well, but when push came to shove, my heart wasn’t in it. I was set in my ways and didn’t branch out much.

But it’s different here. I had a handful of people who I actually knew when we first moved down and while that was great, I stuck  my neck out and made new friends. Guess what. They actually kind of care about me! They are even military spouses! But really, this is a HUGE improvement over our last base. HUGE. The reception I’ve received from them by simply saying, “Hey, I’m new! What’s going on?!” is outstanding! Their response was not, “What’s your husband’s rank? Is he an officer? Why don’t you live on base?!” but instead they asked, “Do you like wine? We have a wine club! Do you like to work out? We go to Zumba every Tuesday and Thursday! Do you want to go to lunch?” Almost as an after thought they asked what my husband does, but simply to see if anyone else had a spouse on the same squadron. (They don’t, by the way. Most of the guys in TC’s squadron are single and straight out of pilot training… Oh to be young again…)

I also have a new job that I’m incredibly excited about. To the point that I want to start RIGHT NOW. I get to USE my degree! I get to do what I’ve wanted to do for the past five years. I’m no longer answering phones or working as a receptionist! It’s for a company that has a philosophy I believe in! So. Freakin. Excited.

I finally feel like I’ve found my niche. Like I fit in somewhere and things are falling into place. It’s a great feeling. I’m so thankful for everything that I have and all of the potential of my personal and professional life.

Things are just pretty darn good down here over all.

Now if my health will just cooperate! 😉


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Hello, good morning and Happy New Year!!! I know this is where I’m supposed to write all about how I’m going to change my life for the better and hold to the resolutions thing… but I’m not really a resolutions type person. I’ve been plugging away at my 101 in 1001 list and I think that will work for any resolutions people think I should be making for the next two years or so. Alas, you won’t see any New Year’s resolutions from me.

In other news. I received my first Christmas present yesterday! TC felt pretty awful about leaving me alone on Christmas and the fact that I’m having such a hard time finding work down here so he decided the best present to lift my spirits (and possibly set me on a track to work for myself) would be to get me a camera. A nice camera.

Isn’t he pretty? I still have not named him, but I think we need to get a little better acquainted before I go picking out names. I think my obsession with him is borderline unhealthy. Too bad it’s so stormy here today, I’d love to get some pictures of the ocean and some of the dogs at the park.

Little man likes it already!

Also: I’ve finished my 50 questions that will free your mind, but I haven’t posted the last 20 questions for a reason. Some of them were a little more personal than I was expecting and, while I love you all dearly, I just don’t share certain aspects of my life that some of those questions touched on. I’m still debating about posting them. Sorry 😦

I’m off to play with my new camera a little more. Seriously folks, addicted. I might need an intervention.

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There is something very… healing… to me about being out on the ocean. It’s almost like that water takes my doubt, worry and sluggishness and washes it away with the outgoing tide. I’ve been a little reluctant to go kayaking with TC as of late, mainly due to the fact that it’s 50ºF and getting out on the water hasn’t been a huge “need” of mine. He fixed it – he bought me cold weather gear (lots of it actually.) I went out today and it was amazing, simply amazing. I’ve been stressing out about the whole not having a job thing and being out on the water, even though it was choppy, was a cleansing experience for me. I had water crashing over (and sometimes into) the boat. I got salty. I got wet. I got in a pretty good workout. I still smell salt in the air and I can taste it when I lick my lips. We’re going out again tomorrow and I just can’t wait. I really can’t wait for it to get warm again so I can head out first thing in the morning. There is something so peaceful about being out on the water before half the population is even out of bed.

This brings me to another subject: my current fitness level. It’s not where I want and need it to be to be happy and healthy. Today proved that while I was trying to paddle against the current and also keep the boat upright. I love being in shape and I’ve not been doing a good job of that lately. Not awesome since I’m currently working toward my personal trainer certification (also group fitness… but more on that in another post.) If I’m going to work with people to not only GET motivated to be in the best shape they can be in but to also STAY motivated to stay in amazing shape, then I need to step up my game on a personal level. RIGHT NOW. THIS HAPPENS NOW. I’ve got another 15 lbs to go until I’m at my ideal weight but that will mean nothing if I can’t keep up with my future clients. Tomorrow starts a new day and a new way of looking at this whole fitness thing. I’m motivated and I can attribute that to the ocean. It’s renewed my love for fitness and reminded me why I want to be a personal trainer. I want to help people have this feeling of excitement about living the healthiest and fittest life they can.

A plus to this whole kayaking thing? I have a bridesmaid’s dress to fit into in a few months (not an ugly one… but one that cost me $35 and I WILL wear again –  I’m having hard time NOT wearing it now actually!!!) and my arms and back will look amazing in it. Amazing. Drop dead gorgeous actually.

I’m excited to build on this newly found motivation and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you 🙂

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