I’m not here anymore.

No really…

If you wanna catch up with me, though – head over —————-> here and follow me there 🙂 Yep, I’ve moved the site officially now!

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OK, ok…

I’m guilty.

Of slacking off again with the blog.

BUT!!! I’m not really slacking off. I have exciting news for you guys! I’m moving my blog to a new address… kind of! You know how it says .wordpress.com at the top? As of later this week… it will no longer say that! Buying domains is one of life’s great pleasures. AmIright?!

So here’s the deal. I’m still in the process of changing things over, but as soon as I get it done (hopefully in a few days) I’ll recap my trip to the land of OZ and have some great pictures for ya!

Thank you all for hanging in there with me and sticking around. Life is finally starting to calm down to the point that I can blog again, guilt free!! YAY!

milspouse fill in…

The fill in! YAY! I’m going to give a word of warning. I’ve got a pretty intense cold right now, so I’m taking some pretty intense medication to try to knock it out before festivities begin on Saturday. So, I’ll apologize for the nonsense that may or may not be spewing from my mouth and out of my fingers onto my computer right now. HAVE FUN!!

  1. With PCS moves happening every few years, do you take the time to paint and decorate your home? submitted by Life as Mrs. JPT
    At our first house together, I did paint… but we also owned the house. This time around, we’re not painting, but we’re also renting so that is a factor. We also don’t know if we’ll stay in this house or move when our lease is up, so I don’t want to spend a ton of money on painting a house we’ve only got a year in. We keep the same wall hanging/pictures so that makes it feel like “ours” as long as we have our stuff on the walls and in the house.
  2. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be? submitted by Standing By Him  
    I think I’d want to live with Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. Two reasons: 1.) I don’t really watch anything else. and 2.) I kind of love working all the time. As long as it’s something I love! It would also be pretty cool to live in NYC (I’d rather it be  Chicago… but whatevs.) I love Tina Fey, something fierce.
  3. What inspired you to start your blog?  submitted by Pink Combat Boots 
    Honestly? I was bored one day and needed an avenue to write. I also wanted to get into freelance writing and I thought writing on a blog to people who would understand where I was coming from would help getting some writing juices flowing.
  4. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on base? submitted by Adventures in Life 
    An alligator… and a cottonmouth (a snake… a not so nice snake.) Not even kidding.
  5. Which historical figure (politician, writer, artist, scientist, actor, etc…) would you like to have dinner with?  submitted by Army of Two 
    John Stewart. Not a valid historical figure? Too bad 🙂

Oh, Kansas. You fail to disappoint. Not 30 seconds after I stepped off of the plane and I was hit with 45 mph winds. After another three hours in a car, I’m at my final destination. Whew. I’m off to take a nap and spend some time with the parents!


Oh yes! Here’s the ACTUAL link to my guest post with Jenn 🙂

come fly with me…

Wanna go on a little trip with me?! Yes?! Good!!

Sadly, it’s a short trip, as I am currently sitting in the Memphis airport with NO FREE WIFI! That’s a huge fail in my books, Memphis. And I’m really disappointed. Lack of wifi = me blogging from my phone (lame) = not being able to link to my guest post with Jenn over at Preparing to Surface!!

What’s this? You don’t follow her? Shame. On. You. http://fletcherswife.blogspot.com/

She is insightful and witty and just an all around good read. So, while you’re checking out my guest post, stick around and read some of her past posts. There are also some pretty awesome guest posters there as well.

What are you waiting for? Go! Read! Enjoy the world that is her blog!!

(I’ll be over ———> here, waiting to take off and stewing over the fact that I have no free wifi. Humpf)

the land of oz

So… I’m going to violate PERSEC for a minute: I’m going back to Kansas for a few days next week. I know, I know… I’m not supposed to say where I’m going, that I’m leaving, blah, blah, blah…

Honestly? Kansas is a pretty big state and if you REALLY wanna know EXACTLY where I am, I’m sure you can find that out just fine without me mentioning it on my blog. BFD.

But anyway… I want to express how deeply excited I am to be going. Off the wall, can’t sleep already, excited. I’m going to see some of the people who helped me through deployments, life and the like. People who confided in me when they didn’t have to. People who are a huge part of my life and who I miss terribly. AND… ONE MY BEST FRIENDS IS GETTING MARRIED!!! AHHH!!! I am so excited to be a part of her big day!

Also… I get to spend about three days with my familia. They are amazing and I am glad I am getting to sneak in a little family time while back in the land of OZ.

Some really neat things I’m looking forward to? (In no particular order)

  • Taking pictures with my camera. Of: The wedding, friends, debauchery that I’m sure will take place. Family!! Those two little girls that I adore so much? They will be SICK of picture taking by the time I leave. AND: Kansas. I really do think that place is beautiful (You can call me crazy and think I’ve lost it… I haven’t. I think lots of places are beautiful that others don’t. It’s called being optimistic and not shitting on everything folks. Try it. It’s fun.)
  • Spending time with my Daddy. I’m a daddy’s girl to the core and since he retired… he has free time to spend with his one and only daughter.
  • My Mama. She’s awesome and she likes wine. I think that’s all that needs to be said.
  • My nieces. They are so cute and growing SO FAST! I can’t wait to make them hug me until they can’t feel their arms anymore.
  • Allergies… In Kansas. Ok… now I have allergies. They weren’t THAT bad in Kansas, but here? OMG they make me want to scratch my eyes out with forks. I love spring, but hate allergies. I’ll be glad to not have to deal with them in their current intensity for a bit.
  • My friends. Confession: I have more civilian friends than I do mil-spouse friends in real life. While they couldn’t ever say “I know exactly what you’re going though.” They were always there with wine and dinner/chocolate/date time. I could escape the military life when it sucked the most and be a civilian again without having them pressure me to talk about TC and his job. (Ever notice how when military wives get together the topic almost ALWAYS goes to military? What is with that?!) It was nice to be “normal” and not worry about the Air Force. Their friendship was invaluable to me and I CANNOT wait to see them again.
  • The wedding!!! Have I mentioned that my BFF is getting married?!?! She is! To an amazing man that’s taking her to live in Hawaii. (Tough life, huh…) But she’s gorgeous inside and out and I could  not be happier for her. Oh… and… my bridesmaid dress? It freaking rocks my socks off:

image from target.com

I know – it’s amazing. Be jealous. I also have a new dress to wear to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner:

Luxe Jersey Crossover Knit Dress
Image from anntaylorloft.com
To say that I’m excited might actually be an understatement.
One more thing to be excited about? I love to fly and to travel. I don’t know exactly what it is that I love so much, but I get crazy, super psyched about it. It will be a good trip… it just needs to get here already!


Ok, so I’m going to confess something:

The reason I STILL haven’t fully caught up with my blog reader and the reason I had to step away from the facebook? I can’t stand the bullshit coming out of both media. I get it, people were freaking out about the government shutdown. It was a huge deal. Would we have been in a bind? No, not really. We have savings, and we’d get that back pay, so it wasn’t a huge inconvenience for us. We weren’t pooping ourselves because we wouldn’t know how to make ends meet. We live below our means and we are perfectly fine with that. We splurge very little and budget our money to INCLUDE savings. Saving money (for retirement and our personal emergency savings) is important to us and we put that money away every month before we do frivolous things. It’s call financial responsibility and even when I was going to school full time and working only part time, I STILL had savings… so please don’t tell me that “We can’t save because we don’t make enough money.” No. You can’t save because you live above your means. End. Of. Story.

The second reason I had to step away was the simple ignorance being spewed by my “friends.” “What the fuck” moments were happening far too often for my comfort level and so I just had to step away. My mother taught me that if I couldn’t say anything nice to not say anything at all… and well… that simply became to be a HUGE challenge for me. She also taught me that if I’m going to complain about the way something is being handled, I should have a damned solution. So… here’s my solution: EDUCATE YOURSELVES before you place blame where blame isn’t warranted and before you open your mouth and sound like an ignorant bigot.

Wow… that was way harsher than I intended it to be… but I feel much better by actually saying it.


Now: Back to our regularly scheduled posting 🙂